Microblading basics for beginners.

Becoming a microblading artist is an incredibly rewarding career for those with a passion for making others feel great about themselves, and who want the lifestyle flexibility that comes with being your own boss. But the process for getting started can seem a little daunting. What equipment do you need? How long does it take to learn? Where do I start? This course is very in depth but will provide you with all of the knowledge to get started with your microblading career. Students will learn from Racheal Keeley’s signature techniques to help you create natural brows that will wow your clients.

Foundation students will go through extensive theory, practical practice and focus on skin simulation throughout the course.

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Perfecting the foundation class will prepare yourself to create quality work and a solid foundation for your career. 

You must fully understand the foundations of microblading to be able to grow as an artist. Without knowing these fundamentals, it will be impossible to perfect your microblading skills and excel as an artist.

Once you have completed and perfected the foundation of Microblading, you can then advance into learning more intricate Microblading patterns and corrections.


  • Contraindications

  • Colour Theory

  • Product Knowledge

  • Set-up / Safety / Sanitation

  • How to consistently create flawless healed results

  • Correct Blade Handling

  • Skin Depth

  • Precision Hair Stroke Work

  • Brow Shaping on Various Face Shapes

  • Microblading do’s and don’ts

  • A full kit with everything you need to start working on clients

  • A list of legalities that need to be met to operate in the industry

  • Business ‘musts’ and how to operate in the industry

    and much more…


This is a 3 day class; where you learn all of Racheal's brow techniques;
This class has been fined tuned for those who are seeking to expand their skillset, enabling them to take their careers or businesses to the next level.

Booking details:

- The full cost for this class is $4000 AUD Inc. GST.
- A $500 deposit is required to secure your booking.
- The remaining balance of $35000 will be due two weeks before the class.
- All deposits are strictly non-refundable and non-transferable.
- Payment options are Bank deposit, Eftpos or Cash.
- Ongoing support will be provided.

PRE-REQUISITES: (ONE of the below)
- Diploma of Beauty Therapy / Cert 4 in Beauty Therapy - Current Brow Artist - Make up artist -
- Degree in Nursing

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who is the microblading course hosted by?

All core microblading training is facilitated by Racheal Keeley.

+ What is the difference between the beginner and the advanced microblading training?

Beginners training is for someone who has no experience with microblading, or very limited microblading skills.

The advanced training is for artists who are currently working as a microblading artist, and wants to upskill and learn new techniques.

+ Will I receive a certificate on completion?

Yes, providing all requirements are met, a Certificate of Completion will be issued to you from Racheal Keeley Brow Academy.

+ What equipment/tools will I need to complete the course?

During the course we will supply all products and tools needed to complete the course.

Post training your microblading Kit will include all necessary tools and products for application throughout your course and enough tools to perform 30 sets of brows, however you will need to repurchase disposables such as blades, pigment and others periodically.

+ What do I receive if I choose to enrol?

Please send us an email with your information so we can get you enrolled.

+ Who is this course for?

Complete beginner to microblading or new microblading artits who aren't feeling confident with their techniques.

+ What kind of support is there during and after the course?

During and for 3 months after the course you will have unlimited access to support from Racheal and her Academy team.

+ Will I be qualified to perform microblading after taking this course?

The certificate you receive upon successfully completing this course will allow you to source the appropriate insurances needed and we're happy to assist with this process through our contacts.

For international students, as different states have different regulations relating to the Microblaing industry it's your responsibility to check with your respective Council, State Board of Cosmetology or other health regulations and guidelines to ensure you meet your local industry compliance standards.

+ How much does it cost to enrol?

You can request pricing information via email by entering your contact details below.

+ Are there payment plans available?

Yes, we offer payment plans that can be set up weekly, fortnightly or monthly. If you have a question we haven't covered above feel free to email our team.